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在芝加哥美国餐饮博览会中国展区 开幕式上的致辞

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Address on the Opening Ceremony of the the NRA Show 

中国烹饪协会会长 姜俊贤
Jiang Junxian, President of China Cuisine Association 


Your Excellency Counselor-general of China in Chicago Hong Lei, 
Your Honorable President of American Chinese Culinary Federation Geary Zhu and Standing Vice President Zhong Fuhua
Distinguished guests 
Good Morning!


Last month, Xi jinping, the President of China met Mr. Trump, the newly-elected President of the US. When he talked about the Sino-US relations, he said we need to cultivate the friendship between the people of the two countries across the board. President Donald Trump said he hoped the Sino-US relations could made greater progress.  


In respond to the call of the presidents of our two countries, and aiming to foster the economic, trading and cultural exchange between the two countries, a large delegation, which is organized by China Cuisine Association and consists of more than one hundred entrepreneurs, chefs and food and beverage suppliers comes to study and exchange at the century-old NRA Show, the largest of its kind on the globe. We hope that the catering exchange between the two countries can facilitate our cooperation and development, that such a industry as food and beverage can bring more benefits for our people. 


As of today, there are five million restaurants in China, and their turnover was up to 3.5799 trillion RMB in 2016, up by 10.8% than that of 2015. 35% of the turnover is spent in the procurement of materials and equipment. The annual growth rate of the industry was more than 10%, so there is huge potential in the catering procurement. More and more practitioner in the catering industry in China have interests in the premium materials and the state-of-the-art equipment and technology of America. People’s demand for them is increasing rapidly. At the same time, to great extent, the catering industry of our two countries can be complementary to each other. As gourmet from abroad, Chinese food is very popular here. We hope we can bring the most authentic Chinese food and Chinese catering culture here. The development of Chinese food in the US will not only meet the demand of American people, but also enrich your life. 


To promote the catering cooperation between China and the US, China Cuisine Association had led a delegation of over 40 Chinese catering entrepreneurs to come to the NRA Show in 2015. This year, we have a larger mission. In collaboration with American Chinese Culinary Federation, we set up a Chinese Catering Exhibition Zone on the NRA Show. This is the first time we bring our gourmet culture to this show. Master chefs from China will showcase their fantastic culinary skills on the show. It also marks the history of Chinese and American catering industries and the catering exchange between China and the US.


To promote Chinese cuisine around the globe, CCA has held such food cultural promotion activities as Chinese Food Festival in the United Nations, China Shanxi Food Festival in the United Nations, China Intangible Cultural Heritage Cuisine in UNESCO, China Intangible Cultural Heritage Cuisine in UN Headquarters in Vienna. We also involve in such international events as the catering cultural exchange under the China-France High-level People-to-people Dialogue. People are very interested in and speak highly of the events we held. The exchange inspired by gourmet food, a very attractive media, has promoted the sharing of Chinese food in the world, and made people of all countries feel the uniqueness of Chinse culture. 


The international Chinese catering culture exchanges are not only spoken highly of by the officials of UN and the ambassadors to UN, but also very welcomed by friends of all circles in America. There will be other gourmet activities in some renowned restaurants, government and business center in Washington, D.C. the Mayor of D.C., senators, ambassadors of all countries in the US, guests from the government and the business circle will attend these events. From 30 May to 1 June, we will go to the headquarters of the United Nations again to hold the four-day Chinese Food Festival. The daily Chinese banquet will provide more than 100 Chinese delicacies for over 300 officials from all country in UN. 


This time, our visit to the NRA Show will bring more cooperation plan for exhibition and shows on this great event. I believe that in the near feature, there will be more Chinese food and beverage materials, technologies and equipment in Chinese pavilion, and a larger procurement delegation from China is also expected. 


Chinese catering culture is extensive and profound in its essence. We Chinese people are willing to share the splendid catering culture with American people, accelerate the cultural exchange between China and America and strengthen our friendship through gourmet food!
Thank you!

21 May, 2017


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